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What we do at eManage Law

Courts are not simply seeking ways to move the practice of law from a paper-based medium to a digital-based medium. Thought is now being given to multilateral information needs of the various stakeholders that interact throughout judicial processes. Courts are seeking ways to reduce the time and costs necessary for sharing information and increasing workflow transparency across jurisdictional, departmental, and organizational boundaries. With no information barriers between them, courts could standardize processes, centralize their information management infrastructure, and create tremendous savings for the judiciary, the bar, litigants and the general taxpayer.

CIS from eManagelaw helps achieve these aims by providing a hosted & distributed electronic court processing solution that combines case management, e-filing, performance management, process serving and Web content management capabilities. Courts can offer CIS as a service to the bar, the public and third party agencies as a collaborative environment to manage cases, file documents and automate the delivery of court information to court Websites from anyplace, anytime. CIS can be scaled from a single courthouse, to a nationwide service, further enabling the courts to standardize services and maximize existing resources.

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